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Choose your natural cigarettes, hookah tobacco, or CBD products at Zodiac Smoke

The greatest assortment of premium quality products for your smoking enjoyment

Natural cigarettes are marketed as tobacco-free cigarettes that are made out of a variety of plant materials, herbs, and other compounds, rather than tobacco or nicotine. Many individuals believe that these cigarettes have fewer health risks than ordinary tobacco cigarettes, which is why they prefer them. Natural cigarettes are available from reputable retailers like Zodiac Smoke, alongside a wide range of other products.

Zodiac Smoke is a hookah and tobacco shop in Frisco that carries the largest range of premium hookah tobaccos, CBD products, and natural cigarettes. They also sell a variety of vape pens, e-liquid, and vape accessories, but their products are only available to purchase by adult individuals – above the age of 21 years.

Make the most of your smoking cession by exploring the best hookahs, shisha flavors, CBD products and other accessories hand-picked by the Zodiac Smoke team. They have an incredible selection of products to choose from and provide the ideal setting in which you can smoke without fear of being judged.

“Many astute, curious, and fun-seeking hookah fans visit Zodiac Smoke to fuel their love for hookah smoking and bringing people together. The most enjoyable and memorable experiences usually begin with the proper hookah equipment, but also the right accessories and tobacco, and for those who prefer something more organic, we also offer a choice of natural cigarettes. We are truly passionate about our products, and we aim to provide our customers with everything they need to unwind and socialize,” a representative from Zodiac Smoke said.
It’s no secret that hookah enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new flavors to enjoy, but it’s safe to say that Zodiac Smoke has plenty of choices to make every smoking session enjoyable. Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for at their store, they’ll go above and beyond to find it for you.

Zodiac Smoke continuously strives to provide customers with a superior smoking experience, which is why they not only provide a great environment in which to enjoy smoking hookah tobacco, but also the best assortment of smoking items available. From the moment you enter the store, you will receive outstanding service, and their experienced staff will tell you more about their product selection and recent innovations to assist you in making the best choice.

About Us

Zodiac Smoke offers the widest range of high-quality vape products, as well as natural tobacco and CBD products. We carry over 450 CBD products grown organically in Oregon and Colorado, as well as genuine Southeast Asian tobacco. Zodiac Smoke Shop is based in Frisco and is known for having the best selection of tobacco products as well as professional employees. Our products have been lab tested, and our staff follow various safety guidelines, including personal protection equipment, wellbeing assessments, and social distance so that customers can shop with confidence. Please visit our website at for more information on our wide range of products.

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